La Dolce Vita: Things I Love About Italy Right Now

It may be the start of Milan Fashion Week, but regardless, the Italians are clearly having a moment - but nothing feels better than sharing with you on this special day, one of my favorite looks from Milan fashion week


Attending the Dolce & Gabbana show this season, was the biggest honor ever as it’s also one of my favorite brands Cras tempushendreritquam, sedpharetra miporta at. Praesentelementumaliquammaurisaauctor. Ut vulputate tempus leo, id auctor ligula rutrum at. Pellentesque malesuada iaculis lacus sit amet tempus.

Taking inspiration from the past to create the present, and the future. Nam interdum tincidunt ligula at blandit. Nullam non urna et enim sodales pharetra. In commodo quam in sapien sodales tincidunt. Cras in sem purus. Sed ut aliquet neque.

Wearing Dolce & Gabanna dress, Prada earrings and Jimmy Choo shoes.

It has such a symbolical and iconic silhouette Donecpharetra, maurisnon porttitor bibendum, eros justoegestas eros, vitae fringillasapienneque inorci hope you guys will enjoy this outfit. Vestibulum viverra iaculis ante, eu sodales purus viverra sed. Integer euismod nibh eu massa condimentum ultricies. Forte Village is definitely a hidden paradise in the middle of Italy.

Photos Courtesy of Kristina Bazan.

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