Scene and Be Seen: The Forte Village Rooftop

Despite its off-pistelocation in the Eleventh, this rooftop immediately became a Fashion Week hotspot after opening in 2015. With a 360-degree view of the cityscape, it’s a great place for a drink any time of the year.


Never showing too much, but always enough. Every woman loves to be surprised, every woman wants to know he cares even when he’s not there. Her room smells of white roses and she collects books of the things that inspire her- artists, philosophers, poets, designers – life.

The room smells of white roses. 

I love breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning and unexpected surprises from him. I love to be loved. Proin id ligula ante. Fusce fermentum viverra euismod. Sed blandit mauris vel ante venenatis cursus.

I have so many photos to share with you from all my adventures that I will be rolling out over the next few weeks. The beauty of Sardinia and right before passing out on the beach every single day. Morbi metus dui, semper eu pulvinar interdum, porttitor vitae neque. Nullam tincidunt metus sed nisi feugiat suscipit. Nunc vitae elit ex. Vestibulum viverra iaculis ante, eu sodales purus viverra sed. Integer euismod nibh eu massa condimentum ultricies. Forte Village is definitely a hidden paradise in the middle of Italy.

Photos Courtesy of Kristina Bazan.

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