I live in the North of Portugal in a small fishermen town by the river.
I can leave house and walk ten minutes to the beach.

I arrive two years ago to this village situated in the greenest region of the country: Minho.
Crossing a bridge, there is the city of Esposende.
Like several other rural, agricultural and fishing towns, desertification and unemployment are issues that the populations have to face. People prefer to live in the bigger cities around, instead staying here.

In winter, this is a very quiet and almost lonely place, but in summer, tourists, foreigners and portuguese people on vacations come around, and there is music, fireworks and parties all over the place.

The village (Fão) is mainly known by the beautiful beach Ofir.
The water is cold, but clear, with a green landscape of mountains and pine trees.

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Near home, we have the North Coast Natural Reserve with amazing species of plants and rare birds.
There are happy and relaxed people riding their bikes, walking with their dogs and do their jogging by the river.

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I´m having a “love affair” with this place…wishing to have my own blue boat to cross the waters when the sun goes down…

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